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Paxaro tires means economy class, which is ideal for passenger cars, vans and SUVs.

Paxaro tires have more contact with the road surface, and a high resistance to aquaplaning.

Paxaro tires quickly disperse water and snow. The increased number of lamellas provides great traction.

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Paxaro tires are resistant to aquaplaning, feature short braking distances and limited noise.

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Paxaro tires have a high energy efficiency and braking performance with increased distance covered.

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Paxaro tires were enriched with an additional silica component resulting in greater traction.


Do you want to join the ranks of authorized workshops of the Handlopex Group?

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In the first years of Handlopex S.A. it sold nearly 25 thousand tires a year. Today, this number exceeds 3 million tires. Handlopex has 18 branches in Poland and 6 subsidiaries abroad. Each of them has technical and logistic teams. Our fleet has over 350 vehicles.

The strength of our brand was used to create Handlopex Group, which joins fitting stations within Poland. The characteristics of the Companies in the Group are the highest level of service, and so they can operate under our brand becoming the authorised points of sale.

  • Attractive prices of tires
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Constant sales care
  • Delivery within 24 h

Paxaro Academy

Paxaro tires were created for the safety of our customers. Tire treads designed in cooperation with Continental provide comfort and safety.

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