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We develop and manufacture high-quality tires for passenger cars, delivery vans and SUVs. Paxaro is the guarantee of reliability and high quality. The tires are manufactured in the factories of the German company Continental, and Handlopex S.A. is in charge of  distribution in Europe.


Starting the production of Paxaro summer tires in Continental group factories.


Paxaro introduces a new line of winter tire treads for passenger cars.


Paxaro offer includes both summer and winter tires for all the vehicles.

Paxaro ambassador

Roman Baran is a multiple Polish Champion and Vice-Champion in mountain racing - GSMP. Paxaro has been supporting him for many years now.

Polish Mountain Car Championship (GSMP) means very demanding routes, where cars reach the speed of up to 180 km/h. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo used by Roman Baran has the engine with over 600 horsepower.