Paxaro winter tires

is a unique economic class, guaranteeing reliability and good quality of the product.

Paxaro tires are produced by one of the largest concerns in the world in European factories in: Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, France, Portugal and Germany. The main advantages of Paxaro tires are a very good value for money, the tires are adapted to wet surfaces, resistant to aquaplaning, provide short braking time and a high class of road grip.


Designed for drivers who appreciate dynamic driving and looking for technically advanced and durable products.


Designed for drivers who value dynamic driving while maintaining maximum safety.

Van Winter

Paxaro Van Winter is a reliable winter tire characterised by high durability, dedicated to delivery vans and light lorries.

4x4 Winter

Paxaro 4x4 Winter is high-quality tire designed for SUVs in every winter conditions. It works on snow, rain and slush.

4x4 Inverno SUV

Designed for drivers who value dynamic driving and looking for a technically advanced and durable product.