Speed index: N - T = max 190 km / h
Load index: 104/102 - 121/120 = max 1450/1400 kg

The Paxaro Van Winter tire is more effective in braking on ice or snow. Fine cube, ideal for vans, economical, safe. It has a wear rib with an additional layer of rubber on the sidewall, which protects against damage, this treatment also allows you to extend the life of the tire.

Paxaro Van Winter is a reliable winter tire, which is characterised by high durability and covering long distances. It is dedicated to delivery vans and light lorries.

The tire provides excellent traction on winter roads thanks to the special silica-based winter tread compound. Drivers who choose Paxaro Van Winter appreciate its great traction, value for money, safety and covering long distances.

Characteristics of Paxaro Van Winter tires:

  • Sinusoidal lamellas and wedge-like grooves of the tread have a positive effect on traction on snow.
  • Fixing rod at the edge and wide drainage grooves have a positive effect on the performance on a dry road surface and reduces the risk of aquaplaning. Optimum rigidness of the pattern allows for a better removal of snow and slush.
  • Wide V-shaped grooves and silica compound provide better aquaplaning resistance and allow for shorter braking distances on wet roads.
SIZE LI,SI Fuel efficiency Wet braking Noise level
195/70 R15C 104/102R E C 73 B dB
215/70 R15C 109/107R E C 73 B dB
225/70 R15C 112/110R D C 73 B dB
195/65 R16C 104/102T E C 73 B dB
195/75 R16C 107/105R E C 73 B dB
205/65 R16C 107/105T D C 73 B dB
215/65 R16C 109/107T E C 73 B dB
215/75 R16C 116/114N C C 73 B dB
225/65 R16C 112/110R E C 73 B dB
225/75 R16C 121/120R C C 73 B dB
235/65 R16C 115/113R E C 73 B dB
Paxaro Van Winter 3

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