Paxaro 4x4 Winter is a high-quality tire designed for SUVs. It is an excellent choice for drivers who are looking for a product effectively dealing with snow, rain and slush.

The tire provides good traction on snow and ice thanks to the special rubber compound. And owing to the smooth performance on the whole width of the tire it offers covering long distances.

Characteristics of Paxaro Winter tires:

  • With combi lamellas in double tread blocks, the traction and lateral guidance in the snow were improved.
  • A large number of linear lamellas in the central part has a beneficial impact on both the traction on snow as well as shortening the braking distance on icy roads.
  • Sinusoidal lamellas have a positive effect on the lateral guidance in the snow, which ensures good traction at turns.
  • Double block pattern means increased driving stability and shortening the breaking distance on dry roads.
  • Wide V-shaped grooves and silica compound mean better aquaplaning resistance and shorter braking distance on wet roads
215/65 R16 PAXARO 4x4 WINTER [98] HFC72dB - ))
235/65 R17 PAXARO 4x4 WINTER [104] H FREC72dB - ))
235/60 R18 PAXARO 4x4 WINTER [107] H XL FREC72dB - ))
255/55 R18 PAXARO 4x4 WINTER [109] V XL FREC73dB - ))

225/60 R17 [103] H FR XL

Nowość 2019!


225/65 R17 [106] H XL FR

Nowość 2019!

Paxaro 4x4 Winter 2
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