Speed index: H - V = max 240 km / h
Load index: 103 - 106 = max 950 kg

Characteristics of the Paxaro 4x4 Inverno tires:

  • Directional tread pattern with plenty of cutting edges and sipes.
  • Efficient handling and braking on snow.
  • Three wide circumferential channels and numerous channels in the shoulder area effectively remove water from the tread head, ensuring shorter braking distances on wet surfaces and reduce the phenomenon of aquaplaning.
  • The flat contour ensures longer mileages.
 Fuel efficiencyWet brakingNoise level
 Fuel efficiencyWet brakingNoise level
225/60 R17 PAXARO INVERNO SUV [103] H XLDC72 B dB
225/65 R17 PAXARO INVERNO SUV [106] H XLDC72 B dB
235/55R18 PAXARO INVERNO SUV [104] H XLCC72 B dB
Paxaro Inverno

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