Speed index: R - T = max 190 km / h
Load index: 104/102 - 121/120 = max 1450/1400 kg

Paxaro Van Summer tires support cost efficiency with long mileage. The tires are worn evenly, which makes driving more economical. Movement is also supported by good grip and short braking time on wet surfaces.

One of the most popular models on the Polish market. It provides driving well and covering long distances. The product is especially recommended for people who value economical issues and comfortable ride.

With the new tread with wide circumferential and lateral grooves, the tire works well on a wet road and is resistant to aquaplaning. At the same time, the optimum distribution of tread blocks guarantees covering longer distances and the durability of tires.

Paxaro Van Summer tire is the model most often chosen by experienced drivers who value safety and driving comfort most.

SIZE LI,SI Fuel efficiency Wet braking Noise level
195/70 R15C 104/102R D C B(72dB)
215/70 R15C 109/107R D C B(72dB)
225/70 R15C 112/110R D C B(72dB)
195/75 R16C 107/105R D C B(72dB)
205/75 R16C 110/108R D C B(72dB)
215/75 R16C 113/111R D C B(72dB)
225/75 R16C 121/120R D C B(72dB)
205/65 R16C 107/105T D C B(72dB)
215/65 R16C 109/107R D C B(72dB)
225/65 R16C 112/11OR D C B(72dB)
235/65 R16C 115/113R D C B(72dB)
Paxaro Van Summer

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