Speed index: V - Y = max 300 km / h
Load index: 91 - 98 = max 750 kg

Paxaro Rapido means new, better performance and greater safety. The modern asymmetric tread pattern ensures very good driving properties on dry and wet surfaces.

Paxaro Rapido is a summer tire with an asymmetric tread. Owing to the wide circumferential grooves, Paxaro Rapido is resistant to aquaplaning, while the optimised tread and rubber compound provide shorter braking distance and very good traction.

SIZE LI,SI Fuel efficiency Wet braking Noise level
205/55 R16 91V C B B(71dB)
225/45 R17 XL 94Y C B B(72dB)
225/45 R18 XL 95Y C B B(72dB)
235/45 R18 XL 98Y C B B(72dB)
235/40 R18 XL 95Y C B B(72dB)
245/40 R18 XL 97Y C B B(72dB)
Paxaro Rapido

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