Speed index: H - V = max 240 km / h
Load index: 98 -107 = max 975 kg

Paxaro 4x4 Summer tires are perfect for fast driving, because they are resistant to all unevenness on the road. Driving is confident and extremely comfortable.

Paxaro 4x4 Summer tire has been designed both for driving in urban conditions, and longer off-road adventures. It is characterised by the additional silica component, which improves the traction.

The tire is characterised by a high resistance to aquaplaning - wide circumferential grooves for increased capacity quickly and efficiently remove water.

Tires also provide better driving experience, since the hardened cuff is more responsive to the movements of the steering wheel and has a better traction when turning.

SIZE LI,SI Fuel efficiency Wet braking Noise level
215/65 R16 98H D C B(71dB)
225/60 R17 102H C B B(71dB)
225/65 R17 104V D B B(71dB)
235/65 R17 99H D B B(71dB)
Summer Performance / 4x4 Summer

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